Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Incorporating Game III: Thought Exercises

The two issues I hear most with new students are A) Dealing with Approach Anxiety and B) Staying motivated. Once the momentum from bootcamp wears off, a lot of students just slide back into their regular lives. They don't go out. They don't approach.

Those are the things you NEED to do, though. I would argue that for some those are the ONLY things you need to do to get good. It is tough, though, to keep going out and to keep approaching. Some of us have crazy busy lives. Some of us are sans wing. There are a hundred reasons why one would not be able to keep working at this, but it is essential to keep working at it. To that end, I'm here to tell you guys about three thought exercises that helped me to continue going out and meeting ladies.

Disclaimer: These are a little "self-help-y new-age-y." Forgive me. I post what I think might help people.

1) Focus on the "Why I should" and not on the "Why I should not."

A lot of times I'll be at home and the TV will be on and I'll look over at the clock and see that is is already 10pm. FUCK! If I leave the house now, I won't get to the bar until 11pm, which is already late for a Thursday...bla bla bla bla all reasons why I SHOULD NOT go out.

Fuck those reasons. What are the reasons why I should go out? If I go out I might meet someone cool, OR hook up with someone hot, OR have an incredible conversation, OR learn some new pattern or develop a new routine. When you focus on the SHOULD's then you are that much more likely to go out.

2) Your Perfect Girl.

Same situation. You are at home and trying to get out of the house to go do pickup, but you need that extra little edge. Use this visualization exercise: Imagine yourself in the bar you are planning on going to, and imagine that your perfect girl is there. Do you really want to miss out on meeting your perfect girl? Get out there!

3) Imagine what you want.

Let's say you made it to the bar. You are standing around, trying to work up the stones to approach. You see an incredible looking girl, but you are stuck in place.

Take a look at that girl and imagine that you are doing what you want to be doing with her. Imagine you are having an incredible conversation. You are making her laugh and she's touching your arm, OR imagine that you are isolated in some dark corner and you are making out with her, OR imagine that you are on a date, OR imagine that you are doing it at your place.

These things are ONLY going to happen if you approach, so use that mental stimulation to propel yourself into set.

Friday, August 22, 2008

NYC Bootcamp Ballyhoo!

This weekend was not only another NYC bootcamp with The Don, but also the special one-day seminars of Day Game and Social Circle, which were both super gangster. Braddock and Soul have taken a lot of time (both infield and at the computer) to come up with comprehensive systems for demolishing their respective fields. I highly recommend both these seminars.

But that wasn't what was so hot about this weekend. What was amazing was having The Don, Braddock, Sphinx and Soul all in town at the exact same time. It was a fucking blast.

The students were great this weekend as well. I was definitely impressed with their progress and positive attitudes. Having fun with this stuff is half the battle. It will make you want to continue going out, and that is 90% of the game right there.
Here are some of the highlights from the weekend:

I'd never met Soul before, but he joined The Don, Braddock and I out for dinner on the first night, and within minutes we were all recounting stories of our incredible and retarded sexual exploits. It was so much fun it should have been illegal. True to form, Soul couldn't stop from doing street approaches, so Sphinx and I got a few free demonstrations of his Street/Day Game prowess.

The infield on the first night was crazy-party-fun-time. An old friend, Dr.Feelgood, joined us out, which only added to the retarded fun. I picked up a cougar who's tits I was fondling within 20 minutes. I managed this by keeping insane momentum up from the moment I met her, and jumping a few rungs in the physical escalation ladder. I really only remember how I opened her, though:

BB: Holy shit!
Cougar: What?
BB: You look like my friend Maria. I could have sworn you were her, so I came over to say hello.
Cougar: I'm not.
BB: You're like her mirror image. You could be her younger sister.
Cougar: (laughs) That is so the right thing to say.
BB: Well, I'm not gonna come over here and tell you that you look like her older, uglier sister. That wouldn't go over well. "Hey, you look like a fat and disgusting version of another friend of mine. Let me buy you a beer, you wart-covered troll version of my friend."

At 2am a few of us went to go get pizza with two Australian girls we'd picked up right before bailing. Braddock kept insisting they were Japanese, and that they should go back to China if they didn't like being in a country with "rules".

Meanwhile, one of our students didn't even make it to the venue because he was busy using the skills he'd learned at bootcamp to get laid.

The second night was equally fun and retarded. The Australian girls met us at the bar we were holding the infield at, yet didn't seem to think it was weird when guys kept coming up to us and asking us how their "sets" went. I saw my dream girl in a 4 set, but before I could even think of an opener, Sphinx, my new least favorite person ;), jumped on it and bounced her back to his hotel. You better be careful, asshole. I've got photos of you that could be...damaging.

Soul, meanwhile, didn't even show up to the infield until 1am on account of not being able to figure out how the NYC subway systems works, despite having been born and raised in a major metropolitan area. Braddock, the white trash Okla-homo, didn't have any such trouble not accidentally ending up in Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, another student didn't make it to the venue because he was busy using the skills he'd learned at bootcamp to get laid as well.

That's two students getting laid before going to the infield in one weekend, which has to be some kind of record.

After seminar we bounced to another bar for some random chatty. One of our newer instructors taught us all a new opener...

StinkFinger (with heavy Jersey accent): "Hey, look at these fucking broads! What? I don't even get a fucking thank you?!"

I have yet to see it work infield, but I could just be saying it wrong :)

Braddock entertained us all with his Australian accent, which sounded like an old British man, and was really only one sentence repeated over and over again: "Goddamn it, Braddock! I've had it up to here with your shenanigans and ballyhoo!"

I'm giving myself an award for The Most Fucked Up Thing Ever Said In Set. Actually, I'm giving myself both the Silver and Gold medal in this category, with the silver going to my 3 minute speech on what it's like to go down on the withered and wrinkled vaginas of grandmothers, and the Gold going to the sentence, "I'm so thin, I could put my whole body in your vagina and you probably wouldn't even feel it. I could throw a party in your womb for a whole weekend, probably." The girl I said both these sentences to fucking loved it, but do not attempt to repeat. It is for professionals only.

I think the funniest thing said all weekend, though, came after Social Circle and Day Game both got out and we all headed over to a bar for a night cap and some bad decisions. Soul took a sip of Braddock's beer and was surprised to find that it was a Blue Moon with 3 or 4 orange slices in it.

I guess Soul expected our little Okla-homo to be drinking something a little more red state-y, like Budweiser or Coors Light, because he shouted (with his proper English accent) "Braddock's drinking a beer with OJ in it?! Where's your usual mongoloid beverage?"

Soul, if you want to not sound hoity toity, you might want to avoid words like "mongoloid."

4 straight days of teaching, drinking and meetin ladies. Now, that's a weekend.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

FR: Bra-less

I usually don't like to post reports unless there's a close involved, but this was another situation where I had to redefine where the line was, and I thought I'd share it with you guys.

I went out tonight with Soul and a few other gentlemen from the community. We jumped around to a few different venues, but didn't really find anything worthy of our exceptional skills. We ended up at this one joint and were shown to a table where two asian ladies were sitting. The bouncer shooed them off and we sat down. I found them later and introduced myself.

BB: I'm sorry you guys got shooed off our table. That was really rude of the bouncer. I'm gonna have to have a word with him about that. It's wrong to treat guests so brusquely.
Asian 1: That's okay. It's your table.
BB: But there's a nice way to kick free loaders off your table, and a not nice way. You guys weren't exactly free loaders, now that I think about it. You were...what's the word?
Asian 2: Carpet baggers?
BB: I don't even know what that means.
(They laugh)
BB: I think that's from the civil war or something. Speaking of which, you guys should meet my friends. They're the coolest guys in here.

I showed the two asians over to our table. They were instantly devoured by two of our company. I went back out into the fray and discovered a two set featuring the star of this report, Bra-less.

BB: Hello. I'm Big Business.
Bra-less: Hello.
BB: How do you feel about the people making out behind you? Is that making you uncomfortable? (FORESHADOWING!)
Bra-less: I would tell them to get a room, but they seem to be having such a good time.
BB: I just feel weird, because that guy was hitting on me, like, five seconds ago.
Bra-less: (laughs) Should we tell the girl he's making out with?
BB: I don't think it's something she needs to know. Besides, it's not his fault. Have you seen me?

I probably used jealousy plot lines/social proof more in this situation than any other specific tactic. I took Bra-less outside and made out with her for a bit (even though I KNOW this is the wrong thing to do. I'm a glutton for punishment) but got a little resistance, so we went back inside and I started re-flirting with her friend and the two asians, all the while pushing my friends onto Bra-less. She kept touching me to try and get my attention. I reciprocated, then continued talking to whoever I was with at the time. When I finally re-engaged with Bra-less she asked me to take her outside again.

We hit this little balcony area in the back of the bar where a ton of people were smoking and shooting the shit. I put her on the railing and slid between her legs. We made out for a bit. There was still some resistance, but there was more passion this time.

Bra-less: We're not having sex tonight.
BB: I know. I don't have sex with women the first night I meet them.
Bra-less: Right. You say that now, after I said it.

First time this hasn't worked for me, fellas. Remember the 95% rule. Everything we teach you works 95% of the time.

There are probably a few different things I could have done to try and pull this girl, but I decided to do the thing that was most on my mind: sexual escalation. I believe that sexual arousal in a woman is like a tea pot with many different release valves on it. Make out too hard, grind too frequently, or display too many qualities of the beta male and that pressure gets released REAL quick. Similar to the way the attraction knob works. The trick is to build the pressure while avoiding those little release valves.

To that end, I put my hands under her shirt and slowly made my way up. I was expecting to have my hands swatted away, or for her anti-slut defense to go off. I did not expect what happened next...

She takes off her bra and throws it in her purse, then takes my hands back under her shirt.

That shit is hot.

We then proceed to do things that humans don't usually do when there are innocent bystanders literally inches away from them. I was half turned on and half amazed. The two thoughts in my mind were "This is some sexy shit" and "I cannot believe you are letting me do this to you."

We went back and forth on what to do next. I suggested leaving to go get naked. She suggested doing more of what we were doing. We went back and forth on this for a few minutes, till I finally looked at my watch and remembered I had an early day.

Exactly why a woman would not go home with a dude who she would jack off in public is beyond me, but that's the female mind for you, fellas.