Monday, September 1, 2008

My first day approach...

One of the biggest hot streaks I ever had happened back in April. I had just finished helping out on a bootcamp in Austin (or somewhere) and was feeling pretty invincible. I'd hooked up on all the last four bootcamps I'd worked on. Only problem was, they were all in different cities, so I currently had no ladies working here in good old NYC.

So, I decided to hit the streets and add a few ladies to my roster. The first day I got back I put on some cool clothes and headed into the city.

I froze. I was paralyzed with fear. I had no idea how to open during the day. WTF? I had just been unstoppable for the last three months! Why was this so hard?

It took about two more weeks of going out and not opening anybody before I finally grew a pair of testicles and approached. It was this really lovely young woman with a cool tshirt on. Let's call her Dr. Teeth. I opened her situationally. My confidence was so low that I could barely speak. I must have sounded like a fucking 8 year old with strep throat.

BB: What's your shirt say?
DrTeeth: What?
BB: (clears throat, tries to not sound like such a bitch again) What's your shirt say?

I watched her eyes light up and fill with energy. She instantly started babbling about the company that made her shirt and what it meant in German, which was her native language. As soon as she started talking she went from cute to not so cute (f'd up teeth, hence the name). After bantering back and forth for a few moments, I tried to politely back my way out of the conversation.

But she wouldn't let me go! It blew my mind. In a bar, on the weekend, this girl would have blown me off in two seconds, but here on the street I she was talking my ear off and starting new conversational threads, even though I opened her like Donny Osmond on the episode of the Partridge Family where his voice was always cracking because he was going through puberty (Think that's the right reference. Could be wrong. Old people, email me and let me know).

I was finally able to shake her, but still could not believe how unbelievably easy getting attraction was during the day. Since then I've really only had a few opportunities to do Day Game, but the results have been the same. Exceptionally easy opens, incredible results.

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