Wednesday, April 23, 2008

DC...again! (Part 1)

I worked this past weekend with The Don, Puzzler and Knoxville in DC. Now, as some of you know from having read about it, my last weekend in DC was an unbelievable blast. I had so much fun that I was actually a little concerned. "There is no way this coming weekend could possibly compete with my last trip to DC."

Oh, how wrong I was.

DC, I am learning, is just a fun fucking town. Loads of cuties with boring jobs just waiting to go nuts on the weekend, and only government chodes to keep them company (no offense). They are so desperate to get opened by men with skills that they do a lot of the work for you.

I flew in on Thursday with The Don, and, after getting settled at the hotel, headed over to VA to give a short talk at one of the area's many lairs.

Apparently, the DC area has A LOT of lairs.

The guys at the lair were great. Great questions. Great attitude. You can tell instantly whether you are talking to a group of guys that just sit around and talk about game or actually go out and talk to women. These were the latter, happily.

After the talk I went out to meet Puzzler for a drink and ended up running into some lair guys and also a few students from the previous bootcamp. Great job on continuing to go out, guys! We chatted with the students about progress and sticking points for a bit, then a lady caught my eye. Let's call her TheBat. I opened the dude she was with.

BB: If you had something really bad to tell somebody you had just started dating, would you tell them right away so they would know what they were in for, or would you wait till the relationship was stronger before dropping the bad news?

TheBat: I would definitely wait. You don't want to scare men away!

BB: You and I are never dating. We'd be going out for months before I found out whatever horrible shit you've got dangling in your closet.

TheBat: (laughs) Well, what's your horrible shit?

BB: I've got herpes of the everything. Oral, genital,, skin, lungs. You've got herpes now just from talking to me.

I chatted with her group for the entire night, making it so that everyone one of her friends was rooting for me. At one point the guy I originally started talking to called me over.

Guy: What are you doing?

BB: I'm talking to your married friend, who is awesome.

Guy: You should talk to TheBat some more. She's not married!

That's why you open the whole set, gentlemen. This is actually the first of two times that this would happen to me this weekend. Give respect to the guy friends, then they will give you their available women.

I went home early so as not to completely waste myself for the bootcamp, but isolated TheBat before heading out.

BB: I've got work in the AM, sweetie. I'm gonna head back to the hotel.

TheBat: Do you...come to DC a lot?

BB: Occasionally. I'm here all weekend, though.

TheBat: Call me!

I will, TheBat. I will.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Owning the interaction

I've got a new favorite move in sets: owning the interaction. Here is the example...

Girl: I know a lot about movies.
BB: I'll bet I would destroy you. I've seen a shit load of movies.
Girl: That's because I have a life.
BB: Do you do the double feature, where you see one movie then sneak into another?
Girl: NO! I'm too scared.

See it? Let's do another one.

BB: Do drunken "I love you's" count?
Girl: Do drunken "go aways" count?
BB: A really good friend of mine has been seeing this girl for three months, and last night he got trashed and dropped the L bomb on her, but now he's saying it doesn't count because he was drunk.
Girl: I think it's probably what he wanted to say, because booze brings out what we want to say but are usually too scared to say.

There it is again. Once something gets dropped into the conversation that is not useful, it is glossed over for something that IS useful. Here's a great example from Cajun, as seen on The Keys to the VIP.

Cajun: I like you. You can be my new little sister.
Obstacle: That's kinda creepy!
Cajun: We can climb trees and drink koolaid and stuff!
Target: YAY! (hugs Cajun)

So much happens when you ignore those threads that girls bring up. It avoids wasting time, it avoids unattractive topics, it shows non reactiveness and social intuition, but what I LOVE about it is the sub communication. "I am leading this interaction. We are talking about what I want to talk about. I am dominating your frame."

Just because I like you guys, I'm gonna throw in one more that came up during The Don's most recent NYC bootcamp with Kisser and Cajun.

BB: I've got to go back to my friends. Put your number in my phone..
Girl: I want to, but I can't. I've got a boyfriend.
BB: Sorry, I got distracted for a second and didn't hear the stupid shit you were saying. Put your number in my phone and I'll call you to hang out next week.
Girl: Okay!

Monday, April 7, 2008

LR: CherryBomb

I may go on a bit in this one. This was a very important lay for me, strictly by virtue of showing me that I still had a few things to learn. If you're going to take one thing away from this post, it is to realize that almost anything is possible. You think the line is here? Well, it's not. It's way, way, WAY the fuck over there.

Hmmmm...where to start?

I've always known that I have the ability to DO a lot of things that I CHOOSE not to do. Just because one CAN does not mean that one SHOULD. For example, I do not steal. I do not kill. lie.

(Let me just say before continuing that this is MY moral code. I do not judge others.)

As far as game works into this shaky moral code, I make the following choices based on the fact that I am having more than enough sex to be happy, and the fact that there are plenty of sets out there:

I do not take women from other men.
I do not take women's cherries/virginity (anal excluded. The black cherry is fair game).
I have been in many situations where the boyfriend/husband/virginity bomb has been dropped and I have intentionally walked away. There are other sets. There are other sets.

That is, until CherryBomb.

Cherrybomb is not the hottest girl I've ever slept with. She's not. I would give her a 6.5 on the normal scale, but bump it up to an 8 on account of she has great big (firm) breasts and is only 20 years old (I'm 30, bitches. Livin LARGE!). God help me, we did it in the tiny bed of her college dorm. I'm a happy camper.

But...I'm getting ahead of myself.

I left the house early to go hang out with a friend of mine. Because I THOUGHT I would be able to get home before going out I did not leave the house in full battle regalia. No super hot shoes. No ring. No bracelet. No cologne. Just jeans, a plain blue t-shirt, my medium-hot jacket, and shitty, shitty not-hot shoes. I had not even shaved, and when I go unshaved it is not subtle. It is not...stubtle. (tee-hee!)

We ended up getting some food, which took up a ton of my evening. By the time I was ready to go out and game, it was already past 10. I nearly went home.

Instead, I stayed out to meet up with another friend at an apartment party in the Village, then bounced to a few other bars for drinks. Around 1am I got the urge and, despite not having a wing, I started opening sets.

It helps to look good when you game. One should do everything one can to look good at all times. Join a gym. Buy some cool jeans and shoes. Go to some boutique and ask the ladies who work there to dress you. However, none of these items are essential, they just make it easier. Often, I have gone out and seen hot women and thought to myself, "I can't open. I'm not wearing my ring!" <-----(retarded)

On a similar note, it is smart to go out to game around 10pm. The bars are just starting to get hot; more than enough time to get in a few warm up sets. However, it is not
essential, just ideal. Often, I have been at my house at 10:30 and thought, "I can't go out and open. It's already past 10!"

Do not wait for the perfect opportunity. Do not wait until you are ripped and at the ideal weight and have the perfect job and wardrobe. Take the opportunities as they come, and improve upon yourself as you go.
And so it was that at 3am, with little to no bling, looking kinda ragged and under dressed, I opened CherryBomb, who was getting hit on by some frat boy d-bags while waiting to get into the bathroom.

BB: Isn't it nice how bathrooms bring people together?
CB: I know! Look at all the nice people who are introducing themselves to me.
BB: That's why I chose this spot to hang out in. It took me awhile to figure out why all these women were waiting on line to flirt with me. Then I saw the bathroom sign.
CB: I'm sure some of them were waiting to flirt with you.
BB: I'm sure you were.

Lock in, isolate, escalate physicality. It was pretty text book. I even did the ring routine on her. She had her ring on the middle finger.

BB: That's Dionysus, the god of debauchery.
CB: So what does that mean?
BB: It means you like to party. Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Which totally fits. You don't even need to tell me. I already know.
CB: You could be wrong.
BB: I'm not. You're not the type of person to give up something they want just because of what other's think. You're aggressive, which I love. It's the only reason I'm still talking to you. That, and I like talking to people who are clearly less cool than me.

Hook, reel, release. Qualification. (When I finally left her room the next morning, she told me that, based on the ring routine I told her about, I should have, "like, 8 rings on your middle finger.")

At one point the d-bags who were hitting on her earlier returned and tried to bounce her. As I said before, I don't take women from other men, even d-bags who have no (big) business being there. When someone enters my set, I usually root for them. "Let's see how good your game is, buddy. Go for it!" Bros before hoes. I can't say why (booze), but I decided not to let this one go, so I kinda beta'd the D-bag a little. I gave him a few good natured slaps on the shoulder, then told CherryBomb that he was "perfect for her." I watched with glee as he struggled. He tried to get the digits while standing the sexual equivalent of 20 feet away from her. He might as well have been on the moon.

And so ends Part 1 of How I Totally Dropped My Whole Moral Code by Big Business.

The bar closed at 4am, so I walked her back to her dorm. The Don teaches that part of being an Alpha male is showing resourcefulness. When we got to the security desk I told her to slide her key card in. She said, "They're not going to let you in." I just repeated, "Slide you key card."

She did, and I slid in directly behind her without security noticing.

At 4:30am, naked in her tiny dorm bed, she starts giving resistance.

CB: We're not having sex tonight.
BB: I know. I don't have sex with women the first night I meet them, as a rule.

I rarely lie. "Rarely" in this case apparently means "occasionally". Regardless, the point is to steal the frame. We're not having sex because I say so, not because you say so.

She stopped me a few minutes later.

CB: Wait, wait, wait...I don't remember your name.

Now, let's cut back to when we were right about to go through security at her dorm. She tried to call me out on not remembering HER name a few moments earlier, but I stacked forward, then snuck a peak at her student ID as she was swiping it.

Back to present:

BB: (jokingly) Whoa. I can't believe I let you get my pants off.

She starts to laugh and I start to push her off me, which makes her push me back to the bed.

CB: No! Seriously, what is it?
BB: I have to go to the bathroom for a second.

She can no longer call me out on just wanting her for sex. I stole her frame, which was, "You were so concerned with getting me into bed that you didn't even care to remember my name."

A few minutes later things start to get intense and she stops me.

CB: I need to tell you something.
BB: You've never had sex before?
CB: Um...yeah. I'm a virgin.
BB: Cool.

A few minutes later things get intense again and I stop her.

BB: Just out of curiosity, is it because of some religious thing, or a personal choice or what?
CB: It's just that I never met anybody who I thought I should do it with...but...I mean...we can if you want to.

There is something incredible about getting this kind of verbal concession. A woman who will have sex with you will not always say she will have sex with you. She usually won't, so at every moment there is the possibility that the breaks will get pumped. And so, when one is told that there will be no red lights for the rest of the trip, one tends to want to floor it. I don't know about you guys, but that sentence excited the shit out of me. I tried to drive responsibly, but...dude...nothing but green lights...

BB: I told you, I don't usually do that.

In this case, it wasn't exactly a lie. What I usually "don't do" is take women's virginity. She just thought I was talking about something else.

CB: Well...I mean...
BB: Let's just play it by ear.

And so ends Part 2 of How I Totally Dropped My Whole Moral Code by Big Business.

Seduction is a two way street. Some people say that gaming is wrong; that it is manipulative and mean. I disagree. I don't know anybody who can "trick" a girl into having sex with him. "HA HA! Fooled you! We just did it!" On the contrary, most of game is simply putting your best self forward and telling women how cool they are. The only things I would construe as "manipulative" would be in re framing, ie doing to women what they do to us, ergo...women...we learned it from you.

Moreover, women are not stupid. If you touch them, tell them how cool they are, then walk them back to their place, they KNOW what you want. It's not that they don't know we're trying to close them, it's that they like us enough to let us close them. Style has said (in "The Annihilation Method") that many of the women he had sex with in "The Game" came up to him after and told him they knew they were being gamed, but that they had, after getting to know him, actually WANTED to have sex with him. GOOD LORD! WHAT A CONCEPT!

My point is this: After that last bit of dialog, she was seducing me just as much as I was seducing her. I told her I might not have sex with her, so she did things to make me want to. And it worked. I did something I usually don't do because she successfully seduced me.
Anyways, we did it twice, and I left her place around 8am.

To sum up-

Outfit: shabby. Time: late. Result: Full close with a 20 year old virgin in less than 2 hours. And I'm 30.