Monday, December 1, 2008


My bad for not posting for a bit, my friends. In addition to the Super Conference, I had a few other trips to take care of, a few bootcamps to help out on, and general life nonsense to handle. It's been a crazy ass November!

I've got a few killer blog posts for you guys in the mill, but they'll be appearing on my new official LS blog as soon as it is set up. I'll hit you up with the adrs when it is fully operational.

Until then, keep going out and trying to get lucky.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

How NOT to handle a shit test.

50 points if you can figure out a way to have salvaged the situation.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

LR: Radar

For those of you guys who read the Radar article (or were present at the bootcamp), here is a breakdown of the set I did at the very end of the night. I'll call this girl "Radar" in honor of the article.

It was 2am and I had to get up early to do a day game 1 on 1 at 10am, so I did a lap to say goodbye to all the students and close my bar tab. Savoy was by the bar with a student, so I swung by to tell them I was taking off, when I caught a brunette in a black evening dress out of the corner of my eye. I was on my way out the door, so there was no time or interest in playing safe ground game.

BB: I have to leave, like, right now, but you're fucking gorgeous.

(Radar does a double take.)

Radar: You have to leave right now?
BB: I can stay and flirt with you for a few minutes.

Going direct has a few benefits. Besides saving you time, you also get points for showing how big your balls are (not literally of course. Men, do not open women by showing them your actual balls).

Think of seduction like progressing down a football field. If you play safe ground game, you advance five yards at a time, and run down the clock. If you kind of want to go to sleep, but you'd stay up if you knew you were getting laid, you throw the Hail-Mary and make 30 yard progress with each play.

The game is not over, however. Not by a long shot. She only had a little bit of time to test me for congruence, so her shit tests were heavy. She wanted to see if I would flinch. Luckily, I did not.

BB: What're you doing here tonight?
Radar: Had a few drinks with some German guys from my job. They were boring.
BB: I was drinking with German girls all night. We should introduce them. They can have efficient, German babies.
Radar: (laughs) You're funny!
BB: Thanks. You're fun.
Radar: Don't you think I'm funny too?
BB: We'll see. I've got very high standards. Right now I'm giving you a B-, which is mainly just for effort.
Radar: That's so mean! (shit test)
BB: That was kind of funny. I'm raising your grade to a B. Good job!
Radar: You need to make it up to me.
BB: How so?
Radar: Buy me a drink?
BB: Okay, but I've got to leave soon. This will be a goodbye present.

This was a constant theme in the interaction. "I am going to leave if you do not make me stay."

Radar: I usually get hit on by accountants. You're much more fun.
BB: I'm a writer. We're just generally fun people.

(I gave her my card at this point. She drops it on the ground. Another shit test begins...)

BB: If you leave that there, some girl is gonna come pick it up and stalk me. I've been getting hit on all night.
Radar: I don't see them.
BB: They're wearing camouflage.
Radar: I can't see them.
BB: That's the point of camouflage. That plant over there? Not a plant. Keep an eye on it and it'll move.
Radar: Like in the cartoons!

(Shit test passed.)

The entire time this interaction has been going on, I've been steadily making my way up the physical escalation ladder. The key to building sexual tension without dissipating it is to only touch women where they don't expect but want to be touched. Little touches on the waist, arms, and neck are what get you yards in this game. Then, once you are within 3 yards of the end zone, you hang out there and make her pull the trigger. If you play it right, they should take the ball and run it into the end zone for you.

(There is a right and a wrong way to do this. You have to hang out at 3rd and goal because you want to, and not because you are scared to make a play. There is a difference.)

Radar: I just moved here from the most boring city. New York is the best.
BB: Know what we're gonna do on Tuesday? We're gonna get a drink and talk about how much better NYC is than other cities, and also tell each other how cool and pretty we are.
Radar: You're smooth. I like guys who are nice and interesting.
BB: We're not gonna get along. I'm a pretty serious racist.
Radar: I'm also looking for a guy who wants a relationship.
BB: That reminds you want to be my ninth girlfriend? I've got nine girlfriends right now. They all have special skills. One cooks, one drives, one does laundry. What's your special skill?
Radar: I can't tell you about it, but I can show you later.

(Sexy, right?)

BB: I've got two that can do that already. How are you with nunchuks?

I finished my drink and took out an ice cube from the glass and started trailing it over her arms and chest. She started rubbing up against me and put her face within an inch of mine, essentially asking me to make out with her. But I didn't. Know why? Because WE DO NOT MAKE OUT WITH WOMEN IN BARS!

BB: Let's get out of here.
Radar: Let's get another drink.
BB: You have another one. I've got to get out of here. But I've got your number. I'll call you.

Radar makes a pouty face. Starts to dance a little to the song that playing. I put my hands in her pockets and pull her close to me. She tries to make out with me again. I kiss her a little, then pull away.

BB: Let's get out of here. I'm gonna put you in a cab so that you get home safe.

Without letting her answer, I grab her purse and put her arm in mine. Once we are outside, I start hailing cabs and she starts trying to make out with me every five steps that we walk.

We cab it back to her place. Good times.

Funny story: I have to take a cab back to the bar to pick up my car afterwards. Ridiculous.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Radar Article!

This past weekend I helped out on The Don and Savoy's NYC bootcamp, which was crazy fun, though a bit exhausting. In addition to working the infield from 10pm-2am, I was working one-on-one with a student on day game from 10am-2pm before seminar, which meant game took over a full 42 hours of my weekend. I also took home a girl on the second night of bootcamp and had to take care of some "real life" things, which meant Big Business was big tired come Monday morning (check back for the LR. It's a fun one).

What was still MORE fun about this weekend was the fact that we had a few reporters there checking out our classes for their respective publications. I had a chance to talk to a few of these guys, and they were super cool. One even did a set with me, which took major stones, so kudos!

Long story short, the first of the articles is up. It's in Radar Magazine and can be found here. Check it out. It's a good article, and I get a fun little shout out.

Also, check out these links. They are the hotness.

Love Systems (formerly Mystery Method Corp)

Pickup Game Video

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Getting Called Out

Just got back from DC with The Don and Prestige, which was crazy fun. Prestige and I got ourselves in with a bachelorette party who invited us to a strip club with them (the good kind), and I did a killer 8 minute seduction that I'm sure will be a part of any speech I give on physical escalation in the future. It was a fun trip.

A few students got called out while in field, which isn't a big deal at all. It happens at least once a bootcamp. It usually has to do with not being genuine or believable. You don't seem to actually be living the situation that you are describing in your opener, so women look for reasons why you would be making it up, the most obvious being that you are trying to do that thing from that one TV show with that guy who picks up women and stuff.

It also seems to be a cause of anxiety. "What if they know?!?!! What if they know I want to sleep with them??!?!!!! What if they know I'm hitting on them?!?!? What if they've seen the show and they KNOW??!?!?!?!"

Guys, it is not a big deal at all. It isn't.

First of all, there are a TON of ways to deal with getting called out. Second of all, it is FINE to go hit on women. There is nothing to be ashamed of. If you see a woman that you are attracted to, you SHOULD go talk to her and flirt with her and try to get to know her. If some woman acts like she caught you because you were trying to do this, then she is the weird one. Treat her like such. "Yeah, because it's such a bad thing to want to talk to cute girls."

But enough proselytizing. I hear through the grapevine that Mystery's show just got picked up for another season, so in honor of Pickup suddenly being pushed to the front of popular culture once more, here are a few simple solutions to getting called out.

"Is this like from that pickup show?"

A lot of people will suggest that you play dumb in this situation. Totally fine, but you have to be incredibly convincing. I acted for a long time in high school and college. I was pretty good at it, and yet I still don't do a convincing "what are you talking about?" when I KNOW what they are talking about. So I have two solutions to this problem.

The first one is to simply plow through.


BB: Is it okay to break up with someone via text message?
Girl: Is this like from that pickup show?
BB: A friend of mine just broke up with this girl he was seeing for only a few weeks, and he just got a call from some friend of hers saying it was a really shitty thing to do. What do you think?

You have to keep the energy up and have a strong frame, otherwise they will continue to bug you about it. Which brings me to the second solution.

Just the same way that it is okay to be a GIRL who has heard of "The Game" or "The Pickup Artist," it is okay to be a GUY who has heard of "The Game" or "The Pickup Artist." Simply existing in the world that those things exist in and knowing about it does not make you some sleaze ball. It makes you a normal person who has heard about things that exist in the world.

To that end, you should thank whoever is trying to call you out, because they are transitioning for you ie they are giving you something to start a conversation with.


BB: Is it okay to break up with someone via text message?
Girl: Is this from that pickup show?
BB: Oh my god. Did you watch that? I bet you watch all the shitty reality TV shows. I didn't ever catch a full episode, but I saw a few minutes where they were all crying together. It looked terrible.

Another Example:

Girl: Is that from "The Game"?
BB: Is that the book by Neil Strauss? I didn't get a chance to read that one, but I like his stuff from Rolling Stone. He did a great interview with what's his name from Borat. You know who I'm talking about?

And the conversation begins.

"Is that some sort of pickup line?"

Slightly different than the above scenarios, but just as easy to diffuse. You can plow through, as I mentioned above, or use one of the contingencies from below.

"Yeah, how'd it work? On a scale of 1-10, how much are you gonna sleep with me now?"

"Yeah. My mom gave me two pickup lines to use tonight. She said I needed to get out of the basement and either get a job or a girlfriend. Let me try the other one real quick."

"Yeah, I'm a pickup artist. (in ridiculous voice) HELLO, LADIES!"

"No. Does that sound like a pickup line? That'd be a terrible pickup line."

"Yeah, I'm in love with you. Anyways..."

"That's not a pickup line. A pickup line is something like...'your dad's a thief because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes' or some shit. I didn't even think people actually used those."

If there are any other ways that people get called out that don't fit into the above paradigms, then please email me and I will include ways to defuse them as well.


Monday, September 1, 2008

My first day approach...

One of the biggest hot streaks I ever had happened back in April. I had just finished helping out on a bootcamp in Austin (or somewhere) and was feeling pretty invincible. I'd hooked up on all the last four bootcamps I'd worked on. Only problem was, they were all in different cities, so I currently had no ladies working here in good old NYC.

So, I decided to hit the streets and add a few ladies to my roster. The first day I got back I put on some cool clothes and headed into the city.

I froze. I was paralyzed with fear. I had no idea how to open during the day. WTF? I had just been unstoppable for the last three months! Why was this so hard?

It took about two more weeks of going out and not opening anybody before I finally grew a pair of testicles and approached. It was this really lovely young woman with a cool tshirt on. Let's call her Dr. Teeth. I opened her situationally. My confidence was so low that I could barely speak. I must have sounded like a fucking 8 year old with strep throat.

BB: What's your shirt say?
DrTeeth: What?
BB: (clears throat, tries to not sound like such a bitch again) What's your shirt say?

I watched her eyes light up and fill with energy. She instantly started babbling about the company that made her shirt and what it meant in German, which was her native language. As soon as she started talking she went from cute to not so cute (f'd up teeth, hence the name). After bantering back and forth for a few moments, I tried to politely back my way out of the conversation.

But she wouldn't let me go! It blew my mind. In a bar, on the weekend, this girl would have blown me off in two seconds, but here on the street I she was talking my ear off and starting new conversational threads, even though I opened her like Donny Osmond on the episode of the Partridge Family where his voice was always cracking because he was going through puberty (Think that's the right reference. Could be wrong. Old people, email me and let me know).

I was finally able to shake her, but still could not believe how unbelievably easy getting attraction was during the day. Since then I've really only had a few opportunities to do Day Game, but the results have been the same. Exceptionally easy opens, incredible results.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Incorporating Game III: Thought Exercises

The two issues I hear most with new students are A) Dealing with Approach Anxiety and B) Staying motivated. Once the momentum from bootcamp wears off, a lot of students just slide back into their regular lives. They don't go out. They don't approach.

Those are the things you NEED to do, though. I would argue that for some those are the ONLY things you need to do to get good. It is tough, though, to keep going out and to keep approaching. Some of us have crazy busy lives. Some of us are sans wing. There are a hundred reasons why one would not be able to keep working at this, but it is essential to keep working at it. To that end, I'm here to tell you guys about three thought exercises that helped me to continue going out and meeting ladies.

Disclaimer: These are a little "self-help-y new-age-y." Forgive me. I post what I think might help people.

1) Focus on the "Why I should" and not on the "Why I should not."

A lot of times I'll be at home and the TV will be on and I'll look over at the clock and see that is is already 10pm. FUCK! If I leave the house now, I won't get to the bar until 11pm, which is already late for a Thursday...bla bla bla bla all reasons why I SHOULD NOT go out.

Fuck those reasons. What are the reasons why I should go out? If I go out I might meet someone cool, OR hook up with someone hot, OR have an incredible conversation, OR learn some new pattern or develop a new routine. When you focus on the SHOULD's then you are that much more likely to go out.

2) Your Perfect Girl.

Same situation. You are at home and trying to get out of the house to go do pickup, but you need that extra little edge. Use this visualization exercise: Imagine yourself in the bar you are planning on going to, and imagine that your perfect girl is there. Do you really want to miss out on meeting your perfect girl? Get out there!

3) Imagine what you want.

Let's say you made it to the bar. You are standing around, trying to work up the stones to approach. You see an incredible looking girl, but you are stuck in place.

Take a look at that girl and imagine that you are doing what you want to be doing with her. Imagine you are having an incredible conversation. You are making her laugh and she's touching your arm, OR imagine that you are isolated in some dark corner and you are making out with her, OR imagine that you are on a date, OR imagine that you are doing it at your place.

These things are ONLY going to happen if you approach, so use that mental stimulation to propel yourself into set.

Friday, August 22, 2008

NYC Bootcamp Ballyhoo!

This weekend was not only another NYC bootcamp with The Don, but also the special one-day seminars of Day Game and Social Circle, which were both super gangster. Braddock and Soul have taken a lot of time (both infield and at the computer) to come up with comprehensive systems for demolishing their respective fields. I highly recommend both these seminars.

But that wasn't what was so hot about this weekend. What was amazing was having The Don, Braddock, Sphinx and Soul all in town at the exact same time. It was a fucking blast.

The students were great this weekend as well. I was definitely impressed with their progress and positive attitudes. Having fun with this stuff is half the battle. It will make you want to continue going out, and that is 90% of the game right there.
Here are some of the highlights from the weekend:

I'd never met Soul before, but he joined The Don, Braddock and I out for dinner on the first night, and within minutes we were all recounting stories of our incredible and retarded sexual exploits. It was so much fun it should have been illegal. True to form, Soul couldn't stop from doing street approaches, so Sphinx and I got a few free demonstrations of his Street/Day Game prowess.

The infield on the first night was crazy-party-fun-time. An old friend, Dr.Feelgood, joined us out, which only added to the retarded fun. I picked up a cougar who's tits I was fondling within 20 minutes. I managed this by keeping insane momentum up from the moment I met her, and jumping a few rungs in the physical escalation ladder. I really only remember how I opened her, though:

BB: Holy shit!
Cougar: What?
BB: You look like my friend Maria. I could have sworn you were her, so I came over to say hello.
Cougar: I'm not.
BB: You're like her mirror image. You could be her younger sister.
Cougar: (laughs) That is so the right thing to say.
BB: Well, I'm not gonna come over here and tell you that you look like her older, uglier sister. That wouldn't go over well. "Hey, you look like a fat and disgusting version of another friend of mine. Let me buy you a beer, you wart-covered troll version of my friend."

At 2am a few of us went to go get pizza with two Australian girls we'd picked up right before bailing. Braddock kept insisting they were Japanese, and that they should go back to China if they didn't like being in a country with "rules".

Meanwhile, one of our students didn't even make it to the venue because he was busy using the skills he'd learned at bootcamp to get laid.

The second night was equally fun and retarded. The Australian girls met us at the bar we were holding the infield at, yet didn't seem to think it was weird when guys kept coming up to us and asking us how their "sets" went. I saw my dream girl in a 4 set, but before I could even think of an opener, Sphinx, my new least favorite person ;), jumped on it and bounced her back to his hotel. You better be careful, asshole. I've got photos of you that could be...damaging.

Soul, meanwhile, didn't even show up to the infield until 1am on account of not being able to figure out how the NYC subway systems works, despite having been born and raised in a major metropolitan area. Braddock, the white trash Okla-homo, didn't have any such trouble not accidentally ending up in Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, another student didn't make it to the venue because he was busy using the skills he'd learned at bootcamp to get laid as well.

That's two students getting laid before going to the infield in one weekend, which has to be some kind of record.

After seminar we bounced to another bar for some random chatty. One of our newer instructors taught us all a new opener...

StinkFinger (with heavy Jersey accent): "Hey, look at these fucking broads! What? I don't even get a fucking thank you?!"

I have yet to see it work infield, but I could just be saying it wrong :)

Braddock entertained us all with his Australian accent, which sounded like an old British man, and was really only one sentence repeated over and over again: "Goddamn it, Braddock! I've had it up to here with your shenanigans and ballyhoo!"

I'm giving myself an award for The Most Fucked Up Thing Ever Said In Set. Actually, I'm giving myself both the Silver and Gold medal in this category, with the silver going to my 3 minute speech on what it's like to go down on the withered and wrinkled vaginas of grandmothers, and the Gold going to the sentence, "I'm so thin, I could put my whole body in your vagina and you probably wouldn't even feel it. I could throw a party in your womb for a whole weekend, probably." The girl I said both these sentences to fucking loved it, but do not attempt to repeat. It is for professionals only.

I think the funniest thing said all weekend, though, came after Social Circle and Day Game both got out and we all headed over to a bar for a night cap and some bad decisions. Soul took a sip of Braddock's beer and was surprised to find that it was a Blue Moon with 3 or 4 orange slices in it.

I guess Soul expected our little Okla-homo to be drinking something a little more red state-y, like Budweiser or Coors Light, because he shouted (with his proper English accent) "Braddock's drinking a beer with OJ in it?! Where's your usual mongoloid beverage?"

Soul, if you want to not sound hoity toity, you might want to avoid words like "mongoloid."

4 straight days of teaching, drinking and meetin ladies. Now, that's a weekend.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

FR: Bra-less

I usually don't like to post reports unless there's a close involved, but this was another situation where I had to redefine where the line was, and I thought I'd share it with you guys.

I went out tonight with Soul and a few other gentlemen from the community. We jumped around to a few different venues, but didn't really find anything worthy of our exceptional skills. We ended up at this one joint and were shown to a table where two asian ladies were sitting. The bouncer shooed them off and we sat down. I found them later and introduced myself.

BB: I'm sorry you guys got shooed off our table. That was really rude of the bouncer. I'm gonna have to have a word with him about that. It's wrong to treat guests so brusquely.
Asian 1: That's okay. It's your table.
BB: But there's a nice way to kick free loaders off your table, and a not nice way. You guys weren't exactly free loaders, now that I think about it. You were...what's the word?
Asian 2: Carpet baggers?
BB: I don't even know what that means.
(They laugh)
BB: I think that's from the civil war or something. Speaking of which, you guys should meet my friends. They're the coolest guys in here.

I showed the two asians over to our table. They were instantly devoured by two of our company. I went back out into the fray and discovered a two set featuring the star of this report, Bra-less.

BB: Hello. I'm Big Business.
Bra-less: Hello.
BB: How do you feel about the people making out behind you? Is that making you uncomfortable? (FORESHADOWING!)
Bra-less: I would tell them to get a room, but they seem to be having such a good time.
BB: I just feel weird, because that guy was hitting on me, like, five seconds ago.
Bra-less: (laughs) Should we tell the girl he's making out with?
BB: I don't think it's something she needs to know. Besides, it's not his fault. Have you seen me?

I probably used jealousy plot lines/social proof more in this situation than any other specific tactic. I took Bra-less outside and made out with her for a bit (even though I KNOW this is the wrong thing to do. I'm a glutton for punishment) but got a little resistance, so we went back inside and I started re-flirting with her friend and the two asians, all the while pushing my friends onto Bra-less. She kept touching me to try and get my attention. I reciprocated, then continued talking to whoever I was with at the time. When I finally re-engaged with Bra-less she asked me to take her outside again.

We hit this little balcony area in the back of the bar where a ton of people were smoking and shooting the shit. I put her on the railing and slid between her legs. We made out for a bit. There was still some resistance, but there was more passion this time.

Bra-less: We're not having sex tonight.
BB: I know. I don't have sex with women the first night I meet them.
Bra-less: Right. You say that now, after I said it.

First time this hasn't worked for me, fellas. Remember the 95% rule. Everything we teach you works 95% of the time.

There are probably a few different things I could have done to try and pull this girl, but I decided to do the thing that was most on my mind: sexual escalation. I believe that sexual arousal in a woman is like a tea pot with many different release valves on it. Make out too hard, grind too frequently, or display too many qualities of the beta male and that pressure gets released REAL quick. Similar to the way the attraction knob works. The trick is to build the pressure while avoiding those little release valves.

To that end, I put my hands under her shirt and slowly made my way up. I was expecting to have my hands swatted away, or for her anti-slut defense to go off. I did not expect what happened next...

She takes off her bra and throws it in her purse, then takes my hands back under her shirt.

That shit is hot.

We then proceed to do things that humans don't usually do when there are innocent bystanders literally inches away from them. I was half turned on and half amazed. The two thoughts in my mind were "This is some sexy shit" and "I cannot believe you are letting me do this to you."

We went back and forth on what to do next. I suggested leaving to go get naked. She suggested doing more of what we were doing. We went back and forth on this for a few minutes, till I finally looked at my watch and remembered I had an early day.

Exactly why a woman would not go home with a dude who she would jack off in public is beyond me, but that's the female mind for you, fellas.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The exciting LR conclusion: Junto

When we left our hero, he had just left his friends in a bar as they closed their tab and made their way home to masturbate. BB, seeing opportunity walking by in the form of a cute girl (Junto), cleverly initiates a conversation, as he is now free to be his awesome self without the accusatory stares and cockblockery of his d-bag friends.

BB: Do you know the subways well? I'm trying to get the red line uptown.
Junto: I think it's a few blocks that way.
BB: That was the most excited telling of directions that I ever heard.
Junto: I'm having a really good day.
BB: Way to go. What happened?
Junto: Just had fun at work, then got a drink with some friends.
BB: I also had an awesome day today.
(Pause. Wait for her to ask. Test for/get her invested in the interaction. I believe this is called creating a "void")
Junto: What happened?
BB: I'm a fireman. I saved an extra five or six babies today. I usually save fifty two, but today it was like fifty seven-ish.
(Humor. Attraction spike)
Junto: That's a lot of babies.
BB: That's a lot of grateful mom's, which is why I became a fireman in the first place. (sexual framing) No, seriously, I just had fun at work today as well. I work at a restaurant and I really like the people I work with, then I just did a show which went really well.

POINT) That last little bit is filled with what I'm going to call identity bombs (though I'm sure someone in the community already has a name for it). If you say the above sentence to a girl who has no interest in you whatsoever, she will totally ignore it. If you say it to a girl that you've taken the effort to build a little attraction with, then they are like girl-crack. They want to know everything: what restaurant, why do you like the people, what'd you all do today that was so fun, what kind of show, why 'd it go well...etc.

When you set up those little identity bombs and they go off (ie the girl asks you to elaborate), then they explode (ie you get to elaborate with attraction/comfort material that is part of your identity). It turns you into a real person who has a life and experiences that she wants to hear about, so long as they don't involve carrying bungee cord in the trunk of your car to kidnap people you meet on the street.

If she asks, that's an IOI, plus you also just bought yourself a good ten or twenty minutes more of conversation, which means more physical escalation, more qualification, and more identity bombs, which is exactly what I did.

After a few minutes of convo, I bounced her from the street to a bar for chatty chat. At that point it is almost just a waiting game to see the best time to go in for the make out.

POINT) I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if a girl you met on the street twenty minutes prior is excited about getting a drink with you RIGHT NOW, then you can probably kiss her with no problem. At worst, you are assuming attraction, which you should be doing anyways.

I'm going to finish up with a deconstruction of the last 20 or so minutes with Junto. Over the past few weeks, I've been playing around with my own game to see what has the best effect as far as keeping women around as long as possible. I've always been a big believer in not making out with women in bars as it usually releases all the great sexual tension you built. In an effort to experiment and improve my game however, I started making out with Junto in the bar I bounced her to, about 45 minutes after I met her on the street.

YES, it did qualify her, but not in the way it should have (ie it could be purely physical) and YES, it did slow things down nicely to avoid the SNL and go for something more long term. also had the effect of creating a negative power swing. I became the "guy who wanted to make out and fool around," instead of the "guy who I wonder if I am cool enough for him to want to make out with me!"

It created an extra hurdle for me to overcome, and so I am once again going to state that one should never make out with women in bars, especially if you are going for the SNL. One should physically escalate up to the point of making out, but do not make out until you are in a sex location.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Incorprating Game Part II: Lame Friends vrs Going Solo/LR teaser

Tonight I was hanging out with a few friends of mine that do not know that I am involved in the pick up community. They are the kind of guys who will look at a hot girl all night and not talk to her. A problem sprung up in our relationship once I started actually talking to the hot girl, which only got exacerbated when I started getting the hot girl's number, then sleeping with the hot girl.

There are many different dynamics in human relationships, even between male friends. I (and I know I heard the same thing from a few different PUAs) used to always be relegated into the "loser" position in all my guy cliques; I was the one with no game, who would hilariously complain about my sad state. The problem is that my guy friends liked me in this role, and after I managed to take control and meet women and start to practice tactical seduction, they started to resent my success. "What happened to the old Big Business, who used to make us laugh with all his sorry tales?" They liked that I looked up to their social mastery, and once I surpassed them they began to get all passive aggressive and lame on me.

I needed to figure out how to deal with this. I don't want to ditch my friends, but I can't simply go back through the looking glass and forget all that I've learned and all the skills I've accrued. So I made a decision: I would be lame when I hung out with these guys. These would be my guy friends that I would not talk to women around. We would hang out, have guy time, then I would leave and go back to (big) business.

Tonight I was hanging out with this group of guys when something interesting happened: One of my friends wanted to know who directed "Nashville" and we couldn't remember. So I turned to the closest person, who happened to be a girl one of my friends was scoping out, and asked her. She didn't know, but we ended up talking for a few minutes, then I left to go hang again.

Only I wasn't allowed to go back. Suddenly it was "Why were you hitting on that girl?" and "What'd you say to her, man?" and "I knew you'd fuck it up! I knew you couldn't get her number!" I tried to explain that I wasn't hitting on her, and that I was simply having a conversation, but my feeble objections fell on deaf ears. They had already decided that this was simply some pathetic attempt to meet a cute girl, which is such a wrong attitude to have that I can't even begin to talk about how wrong it is. I told them I was simply asking her a question, then tried to change the subject, knowing they wouldn't understand.

There are a few points I'd like to make.

POINT: This may happen to you. You may roll with people who will not like that you are suddenly good with women. Do not be surprised (as I was) when it happens. Simply know that you have friends who can't handle you chatting up women in their presence. You don't have to lose them entirely if you don't want to. You can incorporate game into other elements of your life, and continue to enjoy your AFC friends on the side. And...never talk about fight club.

POINT: It is better to go out by yourself than with guys who are actively ruining your game. If you roll with a bunch of dudes that doesn't like to approach, then you are better off going out alone. If you have friends who like to try and fuck up your game to make themselves feel better about having none, then you are better off going out alone. If your wings are constantly draining value from your sets, then you are better off going out alone.

I left a my friends, and just as I exited the bar I ended up walking next to a super cute girl (we'll call her Junto, for reasons that only I will understand), only this time I was alone and could be Big Business again.

To be continued...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Textbook isolation

Tonight was night 4 of going out and kicking ass, only to find myself in deep comfort with some married woman. As I have stated before, I do not sleep with married women out of principal, so you can imagine my frustration at having my time wasted this whole weekend. The conversations were fun, the women were beautiful, but come on. The whole weekend and every girl I isolate is married?! Fuck you, statistics. You are testing my moral code and I don't like it.

Still, it reminded me of something to share with you guys.

This is textbook isolation. It has probably been said a hundred times, but I am going to reiterate it for you guys. It is, at the very least, an awesome tactic for guys going out sans wing.

It seems almost silly to devote a whole blog entry to it, but when my friend's saw me doing it tonight they were blown away. I figured, "Surely there is at least one person out there who DOESN'T already know to do this." This blog entry is for you, mysterious stranger.

You cannot isolate a two set without a wing. You try to just talk to one and the other gets pissy and drags her friend away so she has someone to chat to.

Now, a three (or more) set...that's different.

Open the set, get everyone to like you, then sort of start directing your conversation more towards your target than everyone else. I started next to my target, addressing the whole group, giving the obstacle's attention as a jealously plot line.

With any luck the obstacles will start to pick up the conversational slack once you start to focus on your target by just talking to each other. Once that happens, you slide over so that your target's back is facing her friends. Just move over to the bar stool while talking to distract from the fact that this is happening.

Seems obvious, right? You'd be surprised.

Technically this is more of a mini-isolation, but it serves it's purpose well. Just so long as they can't see each other and have secret silent girl communications to each other, then you are good.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Incorporating game into your life: Part I

When I first got started doing pick up, I would chastise myself for not approaching more when I was on the train. Constantly I would see beautiful women and not go chat with them. I used a lot of excuses, like, "I shouldn't approach because I'm not wearing my really cool clothes right now" or "She's probably got a boyfriend...who is somewhere else."

Then I ran into an excuse that I couldn't talk myself out of because it was totally valid. I didn't want to approach on the train not because I was scared to talk to a stranger, but because I didn't want to talk to ANYONE. When I'm on the train in the morning I'm tired, I'm on my way to work, I probably didn't sleep much the night before, and if the last few days is any indication, I'm hung over. If I'm not on my way to work, I'm usually on my way home after work, which means rush hour crowding and I'm even more tired from having been on my feet all day. When I am on the train, I am not in a good mood. I do not feel like chatting, even with someone I know, so why would I put myself through the added stress and strain of approaching and forcing a conversation for 45 minutes when I could be blissfully staring at the wall and fondly remembering blow jobs past?

Obviously there is a reason, and that is to get more blow jobs in the future.

This is all part of incorporating game into your life. One cannot just take a year off from seeing their friends, family, going to work, and paying bills to go approach women and get good at game (well, maybe some people can, but most of us can't). If one wants to get good, then one has to find a way of making game a part of their life without it taking over their life. This train dilemma of mine if an example of how life can get in the way of game, and when you need to decide which is more important at the moment.

Would you rather have your nice, relaxing train ride home without having to work or think too hard, or would you rather take a chance at meeting someone really cute and cool? Would you rather have the instant gratification of getting to chill out after a hard days work, or the potential for future sexual gratification?

It is also important that you are honest with yourself. If you are constantly sacrificing one area of your life over another, then part of you will suffer. If you hurt your work life because you are always out late gaming, then you might lose your job. If you never approach because you are tired from work, then you might never get good at game. Moderation is the key.

And so, in the name of moderation I made a deal with myself: I do not have to approach on the train when I am feeling shitty (like I usually do on the train) but I DO have to approach on the train when I am just feeling scared of approaching.

How can you tell the difference? Simple. Let's say that you are on the train and you see a really cute girl get on. You don't want to approach her but you don't know if it's because you are cranky or just having approach anxiety. Here is a simple test to tell the difference: Imagine that the girl is not a random cute girl but your best friend, or someone else that you would really like to talk to. Would you go over and talk to them, or pretend you didn't see them, slip on some shades, and feign sleep? If you are in a cranky mood you would probably feel pissed off that you were now obligated to chat with this person that you knew, but if you were not cranky then you would be excited about having the extra company.

So the next time you see someone you want to approach, take a second and think to yourself, "Is there anyone in the world who that could be that would make me want to talk with them?"

If there is...then you've got no excuse. Get in there!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dealing with Approach Anxiety

The causes for approach anxiety are numerous. Some simply fear rejection because they have never approached before, while others are dealing with psychological issues which create enormous feelings of social pressure for no reasons. There is a different solution for each person, though for most, simply diving in will work wonders. I believe that psychologists refer to this as "exposure therapy."

There may be some truth to the fact that I overcame my approach anxiety through exposure. I was a pretty awkward kid for most of my life, then I got a job as a salesman right out of college, which forced me to approach strangers and learn how to get their attention/attraction. It was a crash course in human social interaction. Failure was not an option as I was poorer than shit, so I was driven to get as good as I could as quickly as possible.

I had other issues which kept me from getting laid after that (which my Love Systems seminar solved thankfully), but I found a lot of the things I learned at sales were kicking in automatically when I opened sets in bars.

Now, a lot of you have jobs that keep you pretty busy, so I'm not expecting you to go out and become salesmen or waiters or whatever. There are things you can do with your free time, however, that can accomplish almost the same thing.

First, you can just approach sets. Nothing will get you good quicker in this game than just going out and talking to people. For most of you, this experience is almost all you need. However, for those that can't get over the intial awkwardness, I have another solution.

Fliering. Fliering is a job which entails handing strangers fliers on the street corner to promote shows, sales, strip clubs, etc. Let's say you work 40 hours a week want to do something to practice approaching. I say, try to find a job fliering over the weekend. Look in the paper, make some calls, then get out on the street talking to strangers. Make eye contact with people and try to get them to actually stop and talk to you. Try to actually CONVINCE them to take your flier, instead of just blinding pushing it into people's hands.

If you don't want to take some random fliering job, try to get work with a non-profit talking to people on the street for donations. Green peace,, save the whales, barak can be something you actually want to support. All of these jobs mentioned have weekend hours available for those who want to keep their normal jobs but still get a little better chatting up strangers.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A quick tip...

I am an incredible liar. I have a lot of experience with making shit up on the fly. I enjoy it and I do it a lot, though never with anything serious, and if I adequately dupe someone to thinking that what I have said is true I usually let them know the truth immediately after I'm done having fun.

I do not advocate lying to women. I think that you should try to be honest in all of your relationships, not just because it is the right thing to do morally, but it will just make your life easier in general. Mark Twain said "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." Enough said.

However, you may, at some point in your misadventures, find occasion to make up a little something something in order to avoid awkwardnesses or get out of a fight. For example:

"How do you all know each other?"

Sometimes a person pays to take a seminar on picking up women with other guys that he doesn't know, then a girl asks why all these dudes are out together. The honest answer in this situation would be detrimental to the cause.

For this situations (and others like it), let me give you a small tool that you can use to make lying easier. It is something I do often and it works...VERY well.

Here is the structure. Question--->Big lie--->Little lie. You get asked a question that you cannot answer honestly for some reason. You tell a big lie that is obviously a falsehood, then you tell them a much more believable little lie.

Here's that example again.

"How do you guys all know each other?"
"We're here for the male stripper convention. I won an award for being the sluttiest male stripper of them all. Just kidding. We're here for a bachelor party."

The lie builds attraction by showing that you have social intuition and humor, but also buys you time to think of something more believable.

Here is another example...

"Why are you talking to my girlfriend?"
"I'm not from this planet and do not understand your customs. No, I was just starting a random conversation because my friends are talking about business and are boring me."


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Super Money Street Pickup

A friend of mine was promoting a movie he had made. It was a short film that was being screened at a small theater in NYC. He asked me to be a part of his street team, which would wrangle randoms to go see the thing. I instantly regretted agreeing to do it. When you try to hand people a flier, even for something free, they don't just ignore you; they actively hate on you.

After about an hour of debasing myself, a 9 started walking toward me. Let's call her TheDoctor. I told my flier-ing partner to fuck off for a moment, then approached.

BB: Hey. You want to check out a free movie?
DR: No thanks. I've got to head home.
BB: You didn't even let me tell you what it was about!
(DR smiles and turns around)
DR: Okay. What's it about?
BB: It's about a really handsome guy who tries to stop girls on the street for totally fake reasons. (DR laughs) Kidding. That was made up. The movie rocks, though. It's my friend's. He's a fucking genius and a rock star. You should see it for free now so that you don't have to pay $12 to see it after it wins an Oscar.
DR: Oh, is it going to win an Oscar?
BB: It's going to win a few Oscars. Good ones, too. Not just "Sound Editing" or anything stupid.
(DR laughs)
DR: Well, that sounds great, but I need to get home.
BB: And do what? Watch "Gilmore Girls" and cry yourself to sleep? What's your name?
DR: TheDoctor.
BB: Nice to meet you. I'm Big Business. Seriously, what's so important that you need to get home? Big date tonight?
DR: No. I just...I can't go. I'm by myself.
(BB throws rest of fliers in the trash)
BB: No, you're not. You're with Big Business. I'll take you.
(DR smiles and starts to shake her head)
BB: If you want, you can tell people that I am your boyfriend. That will make you look cooler.
(DR laughs, looks at her feet, then back up at Big Business)
DR: It's free?

Whoop. There it is.

BB: A free movie, and you get to hang out with me. You are making out like a fucking bandit!

I walked her over to the theater and watched the movie with her. After the screening there was a little reception, where I introduced TheDoctor as my girlfriend of six years. Easy to touch when you have this role play going on. Any hand holding, hugging or massaging can be played off as "trying to make the fake relationship seem real."

BB: I don't want to be doing this, but you want people to think we're together, right? Fuck, I think they're onto us. We should make out for awhile until they believe us again. I'm not going to enjoy this.

At the end of the reception:

BB: Seriously, thanks for coming. I really wanted my friend to have a big audience. I think it's a great movie.
DR: It was.
BB: Let me buy you a drink to thank you.
DR: Okay!

Bounce to a nearby bar. Bounce back to her place. Good times.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

SNL types

I have just recently heard some incredible bullshit coming from an ex-student who is working on SNL's. He has been occasionally emailing me for advice, and just recently he asked me for help on finding the "kind of women" who are SNL potential. In his last email he mentioned going home because "none of the women in the bar seemed like the type."

What a shit excuse!

I know some guys (none of you, I'm sure) who think they can look around the bar and tell which girls will have sex the same night and which one's won't. They know the trashy, one-night-stand girls from their heavy makeup, their tight clothes, their fishnets, short skirts and 4-inch heels.

"Obviously, these girls, who are trying so hard to get noticed by guys, are the ones who are going to try and have sex tonight. I'll hit on them!"

Maybe they are SNL women and maybe they aren't. Now, I'm not saying guys shouldn't hit on these women. I'm sure these women are lovely people who have hopes and dreams just like the rest of us, and that by flirting with them some guys are going to have a great time, work on their skill set, or end up having sex/a meaningful relationship.

But those are not the only SNL women.

Women who will have sex the night you meet them (sometimes the hour that you meet them) come in every shape and size. Preppy, hip, demure, classy, punk...the stripper, the secretary, the school teacher, the bartender, the accountant, the doctor...all of these are potential SNL material. Let me rephrase: all WOMEN are potential SNL material.

To hammer in the point I just made, you shoud know that I have never had sex with the cliche SNL girl with the tight clothes, fishnet stockings, huge heels and heavy makeup. Hold on...double checking...okay, once I had sex with the kind of woman described above, but it was on a third or fourth date. Conversely, some of the women that I have had SNL's with were...a premed student, a research assistant, a school teacher just graduating from college, and my favorite, a 20 year old virgin. just don't know.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Keep your eye on the prize/Handling DrunkyPants

For those of you who haven't yet taken a bootcamp, The Don's got one in NYC in a few weeks that I'll be working. There may be a few spots left. Sign up fast!

I made a really silly mistake tonight, gentlemen, so I want to warn you and hopefully you will not get so cocky that you make silly mistakes as well.

I was out tonight meeting ladies and ended up opening up an awesome set. One dude, two girls. They were all super friendly. My target, DrunkyPants, was recently single and hilarious and hot, so of course I spent a good amount of time talking to her. The only problem was that she was steadily getting drunker and drunker.

DrunkyPants got so drunk that she started dancing around the bar, grinding against chairs and pulling men onto the dance floor. Luckily, I knew exactly what to do in this situation.

Drunk women love attention. Let me amend that: all women love attention, drunk women NEED attention. It becomes the singular purpose of their existence to get men to flirt, touch, and play with them, all the while being protected by their sober friends from doing anything they'd regret in the morning. Normally you'd just get your wings to distract the obstacles, then you could do whatever you want to the drunk girl. However, sometimes girls get SO drunk that your attention isn't nearly enough. They want to party and dance and throw their hands up in the air and go YEAH every time Kanye West comes on.

So how do you deal with this? Well, you have to be the guy in the bar who is special and not giving her what she wants. You have to ignore her, but you have to do it in a way that she notices you ignoring her. This is when it comes in handy to befriend the obstacles.

Here is a quick breakdown of the interaction:

I knew I was in trouble when she started talking to some guy for more than a minute. Usually dudes bail at this point, but she was drunk enough to seem like she was interested, so I went over and introduced myself to this potential suitor.

It is not necessary to fight the guy. Just prove that you are cooler than him, then walk away. How do you prove that you are cooler than some guy? Simple. Attraction switches, sexual framing, and owning the interaction.

BB: How do you know DrunkyPants?
Guy: I just met her.
BB: You're perfect for her. I should know. We used to date. Well, we used to do it, but she got too attached.
DP (DrunkyPants, not donkey punch): WHATEVER! I broke up with YOU!
(She's playing along. An IOI)
BB: Also, she couldn't handle me.
DP: I want to DANCE!
(subtext: Pay attention to me!)
BB: Go dance.
(subtext: No.)
DP: (confused) Come dance with me.
BB: I'm afraid you'll rape me on the dance floor.
DP: But...
BB: (to guy) You guys should dance.
Guy: (to DP) Do you want to dance?
(BB walks away to talk to the target's friends)

End the interaction on your terms and maintain dominance over the set. Always.

DrunkyPants goes to dance with said gentleman, and many others, all the while looking back at Big Business to see how jealous he is getting, but finding instead that he is having a great time talking to HER friends. THEY are laughing. THEY are having a great time. DrunkyPants thinks to herself, "Why is Big Business spending time talking to my friend who isn't as hot as me? I want to be laughing and having a great time too!"

DP (jumping onto BB's lap): What're you doing?
BB: Having an awesome conversation with your friend here until you interrupted.
DP: I'm sorry I got so drunk.
Obstacle: Don't be sorry. You had a tough week.
BB: (to obstacle) I like your jewelry.
DP: (to BB) You're HOT!

Whoop. There it is.

BB: (to obstacle) Your friend here keeps on saying such nice things to me. "You've got great eyes. You're really funny" I'm starting to think she likes me.
Obstacle: You might be right.
DP: (to BB) I bet I can get you off in less than five minutes.
BB: Tell you what? Let's go into the bathroom and your friend here can time you.
DP: YAY! Lets do it!

Totally on. No question. Sexual framing is on autopilot. Drunk physical escalation is the easiest there is. I have to stop her from giving me a hickey at one point...

...but here is where the retardedness happened. I was having so much fun with push/pull and getting this girl to say awesome shit to me that I actually forgot something very, very important.

Here is the end of the interaction:

DP: This is what I would do to your asshole if you want. (does hand motion)
BB: (to obstacle) I think you need to get your friend home before she takes her clothes off or something.
DP: Give me your number and I'll put it in my cleavage!
BB: I think we might be too late. It was nice to meet you all.
DP: Promise to call me?
BB: I promise. Just don't fall down on your way out of here.

I put them all in a cab, then reached for my phone to send the first text. It was going to be perfect. "I'm going to call you tomorrow like I promised. Try not to vomit on your friends." Then the realization hit...

I FORGOT TO GET HER NUMBER! WHAT?! FUCK! It was so on that I figured the number had just magically flown into my phone. IDIOT!

Yes, there will be other hotter sets. But...christ...that would have been an easy close.

Apparently, Big Business needs to go back to business school, bitches.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

LR: Britzilla

For those of you that have been following my lays, I've just slept with another college girl. Only a matter of time, apparently, before I hit the entire dean's list.

But I digress.

I went out this past Friday with a friend of mine who is an incredible natural. We'll call him "Superman." Since I've been involved with Love Systems I've tried to explain, using the seduction model, how money he is, but he's a little modest so he's not hearing it. I drop a little knowledge on him every once in awhile to try and get him to Jedi status, but tonight was our first time going out to meet ladies together.

We opened up some girl on the street with our natural banter and she was instantly in love with us, which segues nicely into my first talking point.

POINT) You want to get to a level with your wings where you can actually have fun with them without talking to women. When I first started game I used to travel with a cockfarm that would go to bars and not talk to each other. We would all just hunt the venue like a bunch of rape sharks.

We felt like talking to each other would be a cop out and would give us too good of an excuse to not talk to girls.

I would say you want the opposite. One of the things you are trying to sub communicate is that you are the party, and if she is good then you will allow her to be apart of your awesome fun train. If you don't want to talk to your wings (your "friends" in this situation), it looks like you guys are trying to find a party to join. However, if you and your wings are smiling, laughing, and having an awesome time, then when you open people they will want to talk to you so they can maybe smile, laugh, and have an awesome time as well.

Just don't be having such a good time that you don't talk to any women.

This girl was exactly Superman's type: tall, cute, college girl with big boobs. She was in love with us and really wanted to hang out, but was having trouble connecting the dots, so I used my giant brain to help her out.

BB: Where are the hot bars in this neighborhood? Where are you and your girls partying tonight?

Subtext: We are down for hanging out if you want.

She started to tell us about some joints, then she just whipped out her phone. "I'll just call you guys when we get to bla bla bla." Golden. Just to make sure she knows what's going on, I drop this on her as well.

BB: You're awesome. Are your friends awesome as well?

Subtext: Bring friends. I'm not just going to meet up with you so you can fuck Superman here.

We hit a few bars, talked to some ladies, then met up with college girl and her two best-ies around 2am. They were all cute, but I sidled up to Britzilla, who was a solid 8 before taking into account that she is only 22 and fucks like a thousand-dollar-an-hour hooker. That bumps her up to a 10, in my humble opinion.

The fun thing about going out with a natural is that they're not always on point with the subtleties of the craft. At the start of the interaction we were standing on the outside of the set and the girls had their backs to us, like this:

Why do women make things so hard? Superman's target clearly wanted to party, so why would she arrange her friends like that?

Trying to communicate in that configuration=a lot of effort on our part, so I pulled Superman aside and told him the objective: lock in. Be more comfortable then they are. I stole Britzilla's seat, which was next to Superman's target, then put him in the seat and isolated Britzilla. Like so:

Now it's smooth sailing. It was perfect. We put the obstacle in between our two mini-isolations so that we could all take turns distracting her. Also, we arranged it so that when the girls were facing us they couldn't see each other. That is what you want. When girls can't see each other, they A) can't use secret girl-glance communication to fuck up our game, and B) will act as though they are alone with you.

Superman, overly excited by the sexual energy being shared between him and his target, started making out with her in the bar, but in that tender "hold hands and get married" sort of way. That's great, but it is not as exciting/useful as "do dirty things to you" making out, which girl's don't do in front of their friends because they don't want to look like whores (usually). Superman got into the "serious boyfriend" zone with his target, which meant no same night sex, because she didn't want to ruin it by sleeping with him too early. I don't make out in bars at all anymore, and thar be one of the reasons why.

Britzilla and I were having a great conversation, but it wasn't getting to that point where I knew the hook up was inevitable, and that made me nervous. Even so, I continued to hit attraction switches and maintained dominance over the interaction. I told her where we were going ("Let's move over here."), gave her orders to test compliance ("Let me see your hands."), and cut threads that were of no use to me. She was a little uncomfortable with extended touching on account of her friends were around, so everything had to be very subtle. Little hand grabs, leg presses, and my now signature hand up the back of the shirt, which is super money; tame and sexy at the same time and totally inconspicuous, like a little mini-conspiracy.

We walked the girls back to their dorm room. Superman held his target's hand back to her place, while I kept my hands busy pretending to text, occasionally bumping into her when she said something ridiculous (physical disqualifier/escalating touch). Outside the dorm Superman's target turns to him and says, "You can't come upstairs tonight. I have to get up early." I turn to Britzilla.

BB: Have you got booze upstairs?
Brit: Yeah.
BB: I need a drink to get the taste of pizza out of my mouth. Why did you give me pizza? Now you have to give me something to wash it down.
Brit: Come upstairs and have a drink!

Plausible deny-ability. All you need is any excuse to get upstairs, no matter how thinly veiled.

I went upstairs with Britzilla. Superman had super adorable make out time with his target then walked home.

I sat on Britzilla's bed and ran through some of my usual comfort material. I knew that we were free to hook up now that we were out of her friends' sight, so I just waited for a moment when she did something I liked, then rewarded her with a kiss on the neck. Then it was on.

Two more points before we wrap:

POINT) The time from when it is obvious that you are going to hook up to when you are actually hooking up is killer (if you don't know when it is obvious that you are going to hook up, just take a cue from Braddock. If you are in a situation that you would not want to be in with a gay guy ie drinking in a bedroom at 4am, then it is probably safe to assume that you will be hooking up soon). You need to use that time to tease the girl physically. Make her constantly think you are about to go in, then don't. In Austin, TX I was invited back to this girl's apartment, so we went into the kitchen to make drinks. She got me a beer, then started cutting limes.

BB: Don't even think about putting a lime in my beer.

The girl, then, goes to put the lime in my beer, so I have to wrestle it out of her hands. I end by picking her up and pinning her against the wall. There is a pause...sexual tension builds...then...

BB: You promise to stay away from my beer?

The girl nods her head.

BB: Alright then.

I turn around, get my beer, then go sit in the living room.
I used something similar on Britzilla. After kissing her on the neck I got off the bed and got my drink.

BB: Do you watch "Scrubs"?

POINT) Women like sex just as much as men do. Moreover, it is possible to turn a woman on the same way it is for a man to get turned on.

Imagine that you are in bed with your girlfriend. It is late. She wants to have sex. You don't. What is she going to do to you to make you want to have sex with her? Where and how is she going to touch you?

Guys, this is the secret. You can do the same thing to women, and it will have the same effect.

I love happy endings.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

DC...again! (Part 3)

After class on Saturday I started texting TheBat to meet up with me around 2am after the infield, but she had a bedtime so that was a no go.

TheBat: What about earlier?
BB: My DC friends are pissed that I haven't made time for them yet. (LIES!)
TheBat: Poo! I've got work on Sunday.
BB: What are you, a nun? Come out around 2am.
TheBat: Ha! Come back to DC next weekend? :)

We'll see, little one. We'll see.

While I was a little too busy with the students to pull anything for myself this evening, there were a few moments that I would like to share with you all.

First of all, here is a picture of a girl one of the students isolated on the first night:

Cute. Sweet. Friendly. Nothing to be ashamed about. is a picture of that same student with a girl on the second night:

The system works, my friends. The system works.

Second, Puzzler came to join me upstairs at one point, followed by some very loudly dressed gentlemen. They started to stare at me, so, being the friendly guy that I am, I introduced myself.

BB: Hi!
SomeGuy: Hey man. We're from the lair.
BB: Oh, were you guys at the talk on Thursday?
SomeGuy: Nah. We're from the bla bla bla lair.
BB: Oh.!
SomeGuy: So, you're teaching a bootcamp this weekend?
BB: That's right. I'm here with Puzzler, The Don and Knoxville.
SomeGuy: Well, how about a little friendly competition?
BB: Sorry man, but I'm with students right now. Good luck, though.

Now, obviously I don't know this guy very well, so I'm not going to make any prejudgments on his game or general character, but I heard similar stories come from the other instructors that night and they worry me.

It does not matter what other guys in this community think about you. You do not need to prove to anybody...ANYBODY...that you are good at game or a valuable person or whatever. The only thing that matters is that you make progress at your own pace. If you are dating one girl and are happy as a clam, do not think that you have to ditch her so you can open more sets, or have a three-some or something (unless that's what YOU want). Get good enough so you can be happy, and fuck whatever anybody else says is "success."

I am NOT SAYING that this is what SomeGuy's motivation was, but just in case, let me set the record straight. I am most definitely not some sort of gunslinger set on establishing my dominance in pick up. What matters to me is that my game is really good, not worrying whether it is better than some other guy's. That type of mindset is antithetical to everything I like about game. I enjoy sleeping with women, but what I enjoy even more is supporting my boys, whether that be by helping them get over approach anxiety or simply distracting the ugly obstacle.

And as a side note, I spend enough of my free time making trivial bets with dudes, like "I'll bet I can eat more fries," or "Race you to the car." When I'm out at a bar, I'm there to either meet ladies or help my friends and students meet ladies.

Okay. I'm off my soapbox now.

And lastly, as part of some drunken desire to entertain ourselves, The Don, Knoxville and I set about disqualifying the shit out of ourselves to some girl who was in the front seat with our cab driver.

Girl: You guys get pizza or something?
Don: Yeah. I had too much. It's coming out of my ears.
BB: Well, then you shouldn't have filled up on semen before you left the house.
Knoxville: I told you that you were drinking too much semen!
Girl: Ugh. Are you guys gay?
Don: No! God! We didn't get the semen by sucking dicks or anything.
BB: Yeah! We drank it out of a cup like normal human beings.
Don: Seriously. We got it from Wholefoods. There's a whole section there next to the eggs and shit.
Knoxville: It's organic. No preservatives or hormones added. All free range.

Then we giggled like little girls until we got back to the hotel (and a little the next day).

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

DC...again! (Part 2)

The seminar started on Friday, after which I went back to the hotel to grab a nap, then headed out to do the infield. At the end of the night I ended up winging for a student who managed to snag a super hot two set back to his hotel. I assumed that it was the same as my hotel. I was wrong, and I paid the consequences for it.

The four of us ended up hanging out in the student's hotel room, which meant something had to give if anything fun was going to happen. The student kept shooting me worried looks from across the room, as if to say, "Help, Big Business! What the hell are we supposed to do?" Never fear, student. Big Business is here.

BB (to obstacle): Let's go have a cigarette outside.

Obstacle: Good idea. (to target and student) Let's all go outside and have a cigarette.

BB (to self): Fuck. That didn't work.


BB (to obstacle): Come here. I want to show you something funny.

I dragged her down the street away from the target and student, and kept the conversation hot so she wouldn't notice that I had nothing funny at all to show her. It was working, but then the target texts obstacle to come back, though, so we all head back upstairs.

BB (to self): FUCK! This is bullshit!

-back in the hotel room-

BB (to obstacle): Have you seen that thing on youtube with the baby getting kicked by the break dancer?

Obstacle: No. Is it funny?

BB: You've got to see it. Let's go back to my room and check it out.

(How I was going to explain that I wasn't a guest of this hotel is beyond me. I was going to wing it.)

Obstacle: Why don't we just watch it on that computer?

BB: The wireless doesn't work on that computer.

Student: Yes it does.

What the fuck, student? I'm trying to help you out.

Finally, I get the obstacle outside for another cigarette and move her quickly so she doesn't invite the world again.

Outside, I do a little experiment. I go into some deep, deep comfort. Real heavy shit. Broken dreams. Hospitalized family. Dead friends. I tell a story. She tells a story. We reveal and relate. Then, just as we've got out little bond going, I drop this bomb:

BB: Man, this is deep. You wanna hear a rape joke?

Tension broken. Obstacle laughs and looks back at me with that, "Who are you?" look, which basically means that the hook up in the elevator is inevitable. I had just learned something: this kind of emotional journey is girl crack.

I start to pull into the hotel bathroom, but target texts obstacle that she wants to leave.

Well, as Decartes once wrote, "No evening is fully wasted if you touch at least one titty."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

DC...again! (Part 1)

I worked this past weekend with The Don, Puzzler and Knoxville in DC. Now, as some of you know from having read about it, my last weekend in DC was an unbelievable blast. I had so much fun that I was actually a little concerned. "There is no way this coming weekend could possibly compete with my last trip to DC."

Oh, how wrong I was.

DC, I am learning, is just a fun fucking town. Loads of cuties with boring jobs just waiting to go nuts on the weekend, and only government chodes to keep them company (no offense). They are so desperate to get opened by men with skills that they do a lot of the work for you.

I flew in on Thursday with The Don, and, after getting settled at the hotel, headed over to VA to give a short talk at one of the area's many lairs.

Apparently, the DC area has A LOT of lairs.

The guys at the lair were great. Great questions. Great attitude. You can tell instantly whether you are talking to a group of guys that just sit around and talk about game or actually go out and talk to women. These were the latter, happily.

After the talk I went out to meet Puzzler for a drink and ended up running into some lair guys and also a few students from the previous bootcamp. Great job on continuing to go out, guys! We chatted with the students about progress and sticking points for a bit, then a lady caught my eye. Let's call her TheBat. I opened the dude she was with.

BB: If you had something really bad to tell somebody you had just started dating, would you tell them right away so they would know what they were in for, or would you wait till the relationship was stronger before dropping the bad news?

TheBat: I would definitely wait. You don't want to scare men away!

BB: You and I are never dating. We'd be going out for months before I found out whatever horrible shit you've got dangling in your closet.

TheBat: (laughs) Well, what's your horrible shit?

BB: I've got herpes of the everything. Oral, genital,, skin, lungs. You've got herpes now just from talking to me.

I chatted with her group for the entire night, making it so that everyone one of her friends was rooting for me. At one point the guy I originally started talking to called me over.

Guy: What are you doing?

BB: I'm talking to your married friend, who is awesome.

Guy: You should talk to TheBat some more. She's not married!

That's why you open the whole set, gentlemen. This is actually the first of two times that this would happen to me this weekend. Give respect to the guy friends, then they will give you their available women.

I went home early so as not to completely waste myself for the bootcamp, but isolated TheBat before heading out.

BB: I've got work in the AM, sweetie. I'm gonna head back to the hotel.

TheBat: Do you...come to DC a lot?

BB: Occasionally. I'm here all weekend, though.

TheBat: Call me!

I will, TheBat. I will.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Owning the interaction

I've got a new favorite move in sets: owning the interaction. Here is the example...

Girl: I know a lot about movies.
BB: I'll bet I would destroy you. I've seen a shit load of movies.
Girl: That's because I have a life.
BB: Do you do the double feature, where you see one movie then sneak into another?
Girl: NO! I'm too scared.

See it? Let's do another one.

BB: Do drunken "I love you's" count?
Girl: Do drunken "go aways" count?
BB: A really good friend of mine has been seeing this girl for three months, and last night he got trashed and dropped the L bomb on her, but now he's saying it doesn't count because he was drunk.
Girl: I think it's probably what he wanted to say, because booze brings out what we want to say but are usually too scared to say.

There it is again. Once something gets dropped into the conversation that is not useful, it is glossed over for something that IS useful. Here's a great example from Cajun, as seen on The Keys to the VIP.

Cajun: I like you. You can be my new little sister.
Obstacle: That's kinda creepy!
Cajun: We can climb trees and drink koolaid and stuff!
Target: YAY! (hugs Cajun)

So much happens when you ignore those threads that girls bring up. It avoids wasting time, it avoids unattractive topics, it shows non reactiveness and social intuition, but what I LOVE about it is the sub communication. "I am leading this interaction. We are talking about what I want to talk about. I am dominating your frame."

Just because I like you guys, I'm gonna throw in one more that came up during The Don's most recent NYC bootcamp with Kisser and Cajun.

BB: I've got to go back to my friends. Put your number in my phone..
Girl: I want to, but I can't. I've got a boyfriend.
BB: Sorry, I got distracted for a second and didn't hear the stupid shit you were saying. Put your number in my phone and I'll call you to hang out next week.
Girl: Okay!

Monday, April 7, 2008

LR: CherryBomb

I may go on a bit in this one. This was a very important lay for me, strictly by virtue of showing me that I still had a few things to learn. If you're going to take one thing away from this post, it is to realize that almost anything is possible. You think the line is here? Well, it's not. It's way, way, WAY the fuck over there.

Hmmmm...where to start?

I've always known that I have the ability to DO a lot of things that I CHOOSE not to do. Just because one CAN does not mean that one SHOULD. For example, I do not steal. I do not kill. lie.

(Let me just say before continuing that this is MY moral code. I do not judge others.)

As far as game works into this shaky moral code, I make the following choices based on the fact that I am having more than enough sex to be happy, and the fact that there are plenty of sets out there:

I do not take women from other men.
I do not take women's cherries/virginity (anal excluded. The black cherry is fair game).
I have been in many situations where the boyfriend/husband/virginity bomb has been dropped and I have intentionally walked away. There are other sets. There are other sets.

That is, until CherryBomb.

Cherrybomb is not the hottest girl I've ever slept with. She's not. I would give her a 6.5 on the normal scale, but bump it up to an 8 on account of she has great big (firm) breasts and is only 20 years old (I'm 30, bitches. Livin LARGE!). God help me, we did it in the tiny bed of her college dorm. I'm a happy camper.

But...I'm getting ahead of myself.

I left the house early to go hang out with a friend of mine. Because I THOUGHT I would be able to get home before going out I did not leave the house in full battle regalia. No super hot shoes. No ring. No bracelet. No cologne. Just jeans, a plain blue t-shirt, my medium-hot jacket, and shitty, shitty not-hot shoes. I had not even shaved, and when I go unshaved it is not subtle. It is not...stubtle. (tee-hee!)

We ended up getting some food, which took up a ton of my evening. By the time I was ready to go out and game, it was already past 10. I nearly went home.

Instead, I stayed out to meet up with another friend at an apartment party in the Village, then bounced to a few other bars for drinks. Around 1am I got the urge and, despite not having a wing, I started opening sets.

It helps to look good when you game. One should do everything one can to look good at all times. Join a gym. Buy some cool jeans and shoes. Go to some boutique and ask the ladies who work there to dress you. However, none of these items are essential, they just make it easier. Often, I have gone out and seen hot women and thought to myself, "I can't open. I'm not wearing my ring!" <-----(retarded)

On a similar note, it is smart to go out to game around 10pm. The bars are just starting to get hot; more than enough time to get in a few warm up sets. However, it is not
essential, just ideal. Often, I have been at my house at 10:30 and thought, "I can't go out and open. It's already past 10!"

Do not wait for the perfect opportunity. Do not wait until you are ripped and at the ideal weight and have the perfect job and wardrobe. Take the opportunities as they come, and improve upon yourself as you go.
And so it was that at 3am, with little to no bling, looking kinda ragged and under dressed, I opened CherryBomb, who was getting hit on by some frat boy d-bags while waiting to get into the bathroom.

BB: Isn't it nice how bathrooms bring people together?
CB: I know! Look at all the nice people who are introducing themselves to me.
BB: That's why I chose this spot to hang out in. It took me awhile to figure out why all these women were waiting on line to flirt with me. Then I saw the bathroom sign.
CB: I'm sure some of them were waiting to flirt with you.
BB: I'm sure you were.

Lock in, isolate, escalate physicality. It was pretty text book. I even did the ring routine on her. She had her ring on the middle finger.

BB: That's Dionysus, the god of debauchery.
CB: So what does that mean?
BB: It means you like to party. Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Which totally fits. You don't even need to tell me. I already know.
CB: You could be wrong.
BB: I'm not. You're not the type of person to give up something they want just because of what other's think. You're aggressive, which I love. It's the only reason I'm still talking to you. That, and I like talking to people who are clearly less cool than me.

Hook, reel, release. Qualification. (When I finally left her room the next morning, she told me that, based on the ring routine I told her about, I should have, "like, 8 rings on your middle finger.")

At one point the d-bags who were hitting on her earlier returned and tried to bounce her. As I said before, I don't take women from other men, even d-bags who have no (big) business being there. When someone enters my set, I usually root for them. "Let's see how good your game is, buddy. Go for it!" Bros before hoes. I can't say why (booze), but I decided not to let this one go, so I kinda beta'd the D-bag a little. I gave him a few good natured slaps on the shoulder, then told CherryBomb that he was "perfect for her." I watched with glee as he struggled. He tried to get the digits while standing the sexual equivalent of 20 feet away from her. He might as well have been on the moon.

And so ends Part 1 of How I Totally Dropped My Whole Moral Code by Big Business.

The bar closed at 4am, so I walked her back to her dorm. The Don teaches that part of being an Alpha male is showing resourcefulness. When we got to the security desk I told her to slide her key card in. She said, "They're not going to let you in." I just repeated, "Slide you key card."

She did, and I slid in directly behind her without security noticing.

At 4:30am, naked in her tiny dorm bed, she starts giving resistance.

CB: We're not having sex tonight.
BB: I know. I don't have sex with women the first night I meet them, as a rule.

I rarely lie. "Rarely" in this case apparently means "occasionally". Regardless, the point is to steal the frame. We're not having sex because I say so, not because you say so.

She stopped me a few minutes later.

CB: Wait, wait, wait...I don't remember your name.

Now, let's cut back to when we were right about to go through security at her dorm. She tried to call me out on not remembering HER name a few moments earlier, but I stacked forward, then snuck a peak at her student ID as she was swiping it.

Back to present:

BB: (jokingly) Whoa. I can't believe I let you get my pants off.

She starts to laugh and I start to push her off me, which makes her push me back to the bed.

CB: No! Seriously, what is it?
BB: I have to go to the bathroom for a second.

She can no longer call me out on just wanting her for sex. I stole her frame, which was, "You were so concerned with getting me into bed that you didn't even care to remember my name."

A few minutes later things start to get intense and she stops me.

CB: I need to tell you something.
BB: You've never had sex before?
CB: Um...yeah. I'm a virgin.
BB: Cool.

A few minutes later things get intense again and I stop her.

BB: Just out of curiosity, is it because of some religious thing, or a personal choice or what?
CB: It's just that I never met anybody who I thought I should do it with...but...I mean...we can if you want to.

There is something incredible about getting this kind of verbal concession. A woman who will have sex with you will not always say she will have sex with you. She usually won't, so at every moment there is the possibility that the breaks will get pumped. And so, when one is told that there will be no red lights for the rest of the trip, one tends to want to floor it. I don't know about you guys, but that sentence excited the shit out of me. I tried to drive responsibly, but...dude...nothing but green lights...

BB: I told you, I don't usually do that.

In this case, it wasn't exactly a lie. What I usually "don't do" is take women's virginity. She just thought I was talking about something else.

CB: Well...I mean...
BB: Let's just play it by ear.

And so ends Part 2 of How I Totally Dropped My Whole Moral Code by Big Business.

Seduction is a two way street. Some people say that gaming is wrong; that it is manipulative and mean. I disagree. I don't know anybody who can "trick" a girl into having sex with him. "HA HA! Fooled you! We just did it!" On the contrary, most of game is simply putting your best self forward and telling women how cool they are. The only things I would construe as "manipulative" would be in re framing, ie doing to women what they do to us, ergo...women...we learned it from you.

Moreover, women are not stupid. If you touch them, tell them how cool they are, then walk them back to their place, they KNOW what you want. It's not that they don't know we're trying to close them, it's that they like us enough to let us close them. Style has said (in "The Annihilation Method") that many of the women he had sex with in "The Game" came up to him after and told him they knew they were being gamed, but that they had, after getting to know him, actually WANTED to have sex with him. GOOD LORD! WHAT A CONCEPT!

My point is this: After that last bit of dialog, she was seducing me just as much as I was seducing her. I told her I might not have sex with her, so she did things to make me want to. And it worked. I did something I usually don't do because she successfully seduced me.
Anyways, we did it twice, and I left her place around 8am.

To sum up-

Outfit: shabby. Time: late. Result: Full close with a 20 year old virgin in less than 2 hours. And I'm 30.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Keys to the VIP"

Disclaimer: I have not watched a lot of the show I comment on below, just a few episodes. Enjoy!

Some of you may have checked out this TV show (Canadian, I think) "Keys to the VIP" where players are put through pick up trials in real bars with real girls, while 4 pick up commentators watch and pick a winner.

I've seen a two or three episodes and do not hate it. It is actually an excellent resource. Rarely does one get the opportunity to watch approaches like this, with every moment cataloged and available for scrutiny. Even when someone fails (especially when someone fails) there are still volumes to be learned.

Here's the interesting part, though: I see very little game being played on this show. I do not see tactically sound, skillful pickup being done on this show (excluding the episode with Cajun, who is incredible and dominates). What I DO see, are men who are sub communicating incredible confidence and status. What I DO see, are men who can re frame interactions strictly by virtue of owning their own body. What I see more than anything on this show is inner game. Tight, tight inner game.

Fader says inner game beats routines any day of the week. Future (I believe) says you can get away with anything if you've got a strong frame. This show is evidence of just that.

If you can find it (episode 4 maybe?) take a look at Kyle v. Mark. These guys (especially Kyle) are not doing anything except walking up to girls and telling them they are hot, and they are destroying, strictly by virtue of the confidence they exhibit without even saying a word (Mark even gets digits without saying a word. Literally).

On a completely tangential note, I appreciate that on one episode both players blew SO hard that the hosts gave the prize to some PA that was hanging out as they were filming, aka "That Guy." Check it out. It's good for a smile.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LR: Boca

A friend of mine has a house in Boca, so this past weekend I went down along with some close friends. We numbered 14 all together. 4 girls, 10 guys. 2 of the girls were available. All 10 of the guys were single. Can anyone say "cluster fuck"?

As soon as the 2 available girls showed up there was a mad rush by the guys to get a foot in the door. They all hopped in, introduced themselves, started telling them how pretty they were...typical AFC stuff, and I loved them for it. They were making my job so much easier.

I bided my time, waiting, like a ninja, for the correct moment to strike. I made sure I always looked like I was having more fun where I was than anyone else, and kept moving from small pocket of fun to small pocket of fun, regardless of what my target was doing.

The girls, one blond and one brunette (my target, aka Boca), enjoyed the company of the AFC's but were never really taken in. Lots of booze was consumed. Some people went to bed around 2am. The girls and a host of gentlemen stayed up. Once I found myself next to Boca I initiated an over the shoulder conversation, allowing myself to project disinterest by getting distracted by the other conversations occasionally.

As luck would have it, Boca was way cooler than her blond counterpart, who turned out to be something of a totally insane lush. I don't need to deal with THAT again!

I moved Boca around the house a bit: outside for a smoke, over to the couch. Around 4am, just as I was about to move into one of the quieter rooms, she disappeared, so I went to bed and let the other dudes fight over the sloppy drunk one (she passed out. Cut to: nobody being surprised).

The next day was more hanging out and drinking. I kept up my ninja game, making sure every interaction was perfect and short. DHV spikes, general comfort material, attraction switches. I let the AFC's entertain her for the majority of the day. I had a good 12 hours until evening and didn't want to run out of steam. We did a little sight seeing in town, then headed back to the house around midnight where more drinking and hanging out occurred.

I moved Boca around some more, dodging the intentional and unintentional cockblockery of the other gentlemen at the house, until finally I came up with the brilliant idea of moving to a dark, quiet room where no douche bags could have any excuse to enter.

BB: I think it's important for a person to have realistic ideas about what they are good or bad at. What're you good at?
Boca: Bla Bla Bla Bla.
BB: That's cool. Are you a good kisser?
Boca: Yes.
BB: On a scale of 1-10?
Boca: 10.
BB: Bullshit.
Boca: No really! I hooked up with a bunch of girls in college-
BB: Love you!
Boca: (laughs)-and one of them told me after we graduated that I was the best of everyone she'd ever kissed.
BB: I would have let you get away with a 7 or 8, but 10 is bullshit.
Boca: It's not.
BB: I'll believe it when I see it.

Pause. Boca looks down at her feet, then back up to me. I go in, and we make out for a few minutes.

I pull away.

BB: There are 10 bedrooms in this joint. I want to get you into one of them.

I take her hand and lead her downstairs, then let go just as we go past our friends drinking and shooting the shit. I bolted into one of the rooms, and she followed.

I give her a 9 for kissing (10 is saved for the Japanese exchange student I hooked up with in college), but 10 for...other things.